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Conditions of Sale

  • The CMS welcomes items of cricket memorabilia for its auctions. There will normally be just two auctions in the year – March and October.
  • The CMS reserves the right to refuse items which are damaged etc., or we have doubts about authenticity.
  • Reserves can be placed on lots but must be agreed with the CMS. They should reflect realistic values/expectations and not be the “highest price” expected.
  • The CMS will take 7% of the price realised, the vendor 93% which will normally be paid 6 weeks after the auction.
  • The CMS will undertake to advertise the memorabilia to all its members (including overseas) and only CMS members are eligible to bid for items.
  • Members are welcome to send postal bids which should be in writing/e-mail before the auction. Bids will normally start at 60% of the bid unless there is a higher reserve price or other postal bids.
  • Items will be sent to successful postal bidders the week after the auction and will usually be sent by recorded delivery. Postage will be paid by the successful postal bidder.
  • The CMS will be responsible for the items sent for auction while they are in the possession of the CMS.
  • The CMS welcomes items of particular and unusual interest for the auctions. Non-members can send items for auction but we would discourage large quantities of books, magazines etc.
  • A list of prices realised at an auction will be posted on the Society’s website as soon as possible after the auction.

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