Cricket Memorabilia Society

Privacy Policy

The Cricket Memorabilia Society (CMS) collects information in the course of members joining the Society. The accuracy of the data is dependent on the information supplied by the member when joining or renewing membership.

In order to administer the membership of the Society and to enable the Society to communicate with its members when necessary (i.e. to provide information that falls within the legitimate interests of the Society, and to distribute quarterly magazines to members) the Society will store personal information supplied by its members on a computer in a secure location. This information will be held by the Secretary, but subject to the approval of the Society’s Committee, copies may also be held by officers in order to fulfil their responsibilities (e.g. distribution of auction items, merchandise etc.)

The personal information to be held may consist of individuals’, or organisations’

  • Title and Name

  • Postal Address

  • One or more of: landline/mobile number, email address (where supplied by the individual or organisation)

  • Collection interests

  • Subscription status

    Personal information stored by the Society will not be disclosed or sold to any third party. No personal information is held on our website, other than essential contact information for Officers of the CMS.

    This will enable the Society to supply the benefits of membership, or to contact you directly, with membership information, using the contact details provided to us on joining or renewing your Society membership. We may at times contact you directly concerning developments within the Society and will also offer you the opportunity to opt into initiatives if you so wish.

Members of the Society have the right to:

  • see their personal information as held by the Society, and request a copy of it

  • request amendment/s to any part of their personal information that are incorrect

  • request that their personal information is deleted, or is not used in particular ways

    Personal information will be deleted from the Society’s records when it is no longer required for administrative purposes or to meet the other legitimate interests of the Society.

    Personal information held by the Society will not be included in any of our publications unless:

  • the Society has the explicit consent of the person concerned to do so, or

  • it was supplied to the Society with a reasonable expectation that it might be published, or

  • it is common public knowledge

    Any enquiries regarding the personal information held by the Society should be made to the Secretary at, or by post to him at 9 Heywood Lane, Wrea Green, Preston PR4 2FF.

    Our website may contain links to/from other websites, this Privacy Policy only applies to the CMS website so when you use other websites, please take the time to check their privacy policy.

    CMS Committee: November 2022